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Well, thanks for some fun links for someone unexposed to the UK poly blogosphere.

I especially liked Blimpish's "Tony Blair is horrid, horrid!" post, which made a lot of sense to me about where the electorate sits these days.


And on a completely different topic...

Didja see that George Galloway is going to testify in front of Norm Coleman's Oil for Food committee within the week?

How surreal is that going to be?

Bill Kelleher

My Fellow Progressives!
As you know, the theory of framing in George Lakoff's book Don't Think of an Elephant is meant to be helpful. But, as political activists are finding out, its not something that we progressives can make hay with. Why? Because Lakoff's idea is to trick people into supporting progressive proposals by trying to trigger their supposed unconscious need for a "nurturing parent." That's his theory of "framing." But trickery is exactly what the two major parties do!

Secondly, who really has a need for a "nurturing parent" in our government? Do you?

We progressives need to try a new approach for communicating our policies to the people. Let's try showing respect for the conscious rationality of the people for a change. Why not talk to them as intelligent adults?

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