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economically, what space IS there to the right of Blairites in Labour and to the left of the Tories? This sounds like an exceedling narrow gap to me....

Ben P

I think it is emphasis. I'm thinking in particular of Europhile Tories - a not insignificant group.

Ben P


the heirs of the "big englanders"?


Hmmm, looks like this member of the LibDems might well end up having to vote for someone else next time.

It certainly does look like 'everybody' is busy deciding that a Socially Libertarian, Economically Left party (i.e. one I would want to vote for) is an impossibility.

I'm obviously supposed to have either Social Authoritarianism or Wide Eyed Free Market Enthusiasm (or even better both!) as my political diet. Make a man of me, put hairs on my privatised chest, cut my betters taxes etc. etc.

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